After the earthquake a few days ago with the information on Redfall, which confirmed that the game will not be released with a 60 fps “performance mode” and instead will only be playable on consoles Xbox Series at 4K and a 30fps cap at launch, Blizzard has already preempted community fears and promised that Diablo IV won’t follow in Arkane Austin’s footsteps here.

Rod Fergussondirector of the upcoming Diablo, commented on the official Xbox podcast on Twich that the long-awaited action-RPG can be played at 60 FPS at launch on Xbox Series, although resolution will vary depending on console model.

Thus, the owners of a Xbox Series X will be able to enjoy 4K and 60 FPSwhile those of Xbox Series S will have 1080p (HD) at 60 frames per second.

There’s been no mention of how the game will run on Xbox’s next-gen consoles, or how the PlayStation 4 and 5 will fare in comparison, but either way knowing that the game will reach the optimal resolution for the time is a good thing. .advantage.

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