A mother recounts the disturbing moment she found the body of her murdered daughter

A mother recounts the disturbing moment she found the body of her murdered daughter

Alice Mateus can’t believe her daughter Mirelli is no longer with her. The 24-year-old was murdered, allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, who is already behind bars.

“I don’t understand how a monster of this nature took the life of my little doll,” her mother told Telemundo 52.

Mateus remembers his daughter Mirelli as the angel God gave him who changed his life forever. The young woman was about to graduate from nursing.

“It was a miracle in our lives, both in my life and in that of my eldest daughter,” Mateus said. “She came to light up our lives.”

The young woman was murdered on March 17. and authorities arrested her ex-boyfriend the same day as a suspect in the crime. The man was identified as Aaron Romo, who had been dating Mirelli for about eight months, according to the girl’s mother.

It was Mirelli’s mother who found the lifeless body of the young woman. When her daughter didn’t come home, she went to Romo’s apartment, where she got her terrible surprise.

“I see my daughter’s bag and I push the door,” says her mother, sad and anxious. “There was. She was dead.”

Her mother, discouraged and heartbroken, points out that Mirelli had been dead for at least 12 hours. Some neighbors reported hearing her scream for help, but although police arrived on the scene, they did not enter the apartment.

“My daughter was no longer heard. They arrive and they couldn’t even get into this damn apartment when they are told that a girl is screaming, ”says their mother. “They let my daughter down. They let him down and I want justice done.”

The Mohave County Special Investigations Unit discovered his identity through a DNA test.

Mateus also points out that Romo had a violent encounter with police last December in the same apartment where he allegedly murdered his daughter.

Romo, 36, was arrested in the Riverside neighborhood. He faces murder charges and remains in custody without bail.

However, authorities believe he may have assaulted other women in the past. That is why they ask potential victims to file the corresponding complaint.

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