Players in this state will not play the title unless they have an account located in another region

After being announced a few years ago, we will finally see the release of a new Final Fantasy, which in this case is the sixteenth part of the main saga. The XV came out 8 years ago, so many fans were waiting for it Square Enix, and currently the expectations are so high that many believe it can become the best game of all 2023. It has strong competition, which is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it will be a good fight.

Anyway unfortunately Final Fantasy XVI will not be playable by everyone. And I’m not saying it because it’s the first game of the saga for those over 18, but because there is a country in the world that has banned its exit, although unfortunately the exact reason is more of a mystery than something known. I will tell you all the details below.

Final Fantasy XVI will not be released in Saudi Arabia

was the known influencer Audrey (famous for sharing relevant information about games of Square Enix) who shared the news via his personal profile of Twitter:

  • Actually Saudi Arabia has banned the release of Final Fantasy XVI in the country
  • The reason is unknown, and that is why Audrey wonder what what should the story of the game have that is so shady that it is banned in a whole country
  • There are players who said it should be that a character in the game is gay, pretending that Saudi Arabia is a country with a lot of homophobia
  • Likewise, it is unknown if that was the reason or if there is something else, but unfortunately Saudi players will not be able to play. Final Fantasy XVI unless they have a PS5 account with a region somewhere else

What do you think? What do you think are the reasons behind this? The truth is, it must be frustrating to see how one of the most important games of the year is banned from launching in your country. Have you ever experienced something similar? Finally, by the way, I remind you that Final Fantasy XVI is out June 22 on PS5.

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