Tini and Rodrigo De Paul have become one of the most loved and media couples of the momenteither. The Argentinian pop star and 2022 World Cup winner have had us cracking up with each of their appearances. And they are true love.

Tini and Rodrigo support each other whenever they can in their careers. She goes to all the Atlético de Madrid matches she can and he goes to their concerts, showing that they idolize each other.

But what we love the most, without a doubt, is when they share photos together on their social networks. One of the images I like the most from the artist’s stream is an image she has with her partner from last March. Both stars appear on the back of a car. As he smiles at the camera, she appears holding his head with her hand with a more serious attitude. The only thing Tini wrote next to this message is the emoji of a heart with an arrow through it.

What is the facha in Argentina?

But there was one comment that didn’t go unnoticed, especially by fans of the Spanish couple. It is nothing more and nothing less than the words that Duki wrote: “Los fachas”.

In Spain, these words have a negative connotation, being synonymous with the word “fascist”. Word linked to the totalitarian political and social movement which developed in the first half of the 20th century in Europe and which was characterized by corporatism and nationalist exaltation.

But this term does not mean the same thing in Argentina. Quite the contrary. Across the pond, that word is a compliment. It is related to a good appearance and is generally used to refer to a well-dressed and well-groomed person who has prepared his appearance for the occasion. Come on, what Duki says in the comment on this photo is that they look good in the photo.

Without a doubt, the Spanish language never ceases to amaze us. And it’s that we don’t stop learning things on the other side of the pond.

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