The festival season has already started! And how we wanted to enjoy it in style. This 2023 promises to give us great moments on stage. Thanks, in part, to all the holidays that are going to be celebrated in our country.

And what unmissable event for all those people who want to enjoy one of the best posters of the year? Nothing more and nothing less than Mallorca Live Festival 2023. On May 18, 19 and 20, a new edition of the festival will take place in Palma de Mallorca. Three days where the music doesn’t stop playing, with some of the best national and international bands in the world.

In this sixth edition, the Mallorca Live Festival has thrown the house out the window, once again betting on three days of interrupted music. If you still don’t have the ticket, we encourage you to get it now, because they’re flying! To warm up your engines, we leave you with five reasons why you can’t miss the festival.

Black Eyed Peas

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing one of the most legendary bands in history live? The Black Eyed Peas have been playing since the 90s all over the world. The band will play on the second day of the festival, thrilling audiences with hits like I gotta feel, don’t worry oh Where is the love? Of course, we will also see them playing in Spain some of their songs from Elevation —his latest released album.


Majorca and Quevedo. What can go wrong? The canary will perform for the first time at the festival. A perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the most requested Spanish artists of the moment. The artist will perform the great songs from his first album Donde quiero estar. Obviously, we want to be there, to give our all with songs like G point or sea view. Of course, we will also sing this “Stay” which is already a party cry.

Bad Gyal, Vetusta Morla or Geneva

Flow 2000, Bad Gyal will also be performing at the Mallorca Live Festival. The interpreter of Chulo and Blin Blin will perform their hits. Will you sing too? Karmic, the great song that was written with Karol G? It looks like a plan.

But Bad Gyal is not the only national talent. Quite the contrary! There will also be one of the most beloved bands in the history of Spanish festivals: Vestusta Morla. And it’s not a good festival without them!

Another group that gives everything on stage, especially at festivals, is Ginebras. The band have become a favorite on the scene thanks to their fun lyrics and pop rock beat. Rojuu, Viva Suecia, León Benavente and Jimena Amarillo will also be on stage.

An international festival with The Kooks, The Chemical Brothers and Bomba Estéreo

Of course, a long list of international groups such as The Kooks, The Chemical Brothers and Stereo Bomb. Three very different groups that perfectly represent the spirit of this very special festival.

Mallorca, the other great protagonist of the festival

We can’t think of a more idyllic place to celebrate a festival than in Mallorca. And it is that, during the hours when you are not giving your all with your favorite bands, you can enjoy its dream landscapes, its crystal clear waters and its white sand beaches. You can walk around the city of Palma de Mallorca and enjoy its gastronomy. All the benefits!

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