5 eco-tips to fight against pollution

5 eco-tips to fight against pollution

Climate change, recycling, renewable energies, responsible consumption, animal rights, mobility, pollution… At El Eco de LOS40 we have been talking to you for many months about the things that we consider important to make our planet a better place for those of us who inhabit it. A website updated daily with the best reports on the issues that concern you and which is part of an ambitious project with which we want to launch 40 sustainable initiatives for the planet.

You have already seen some of these initiatives: Ecological interviews in which we analyze current environmental issues with experts and influencers, waste collection, challenges like From Trash to Live… And now, our Ecotips: a series of simple tips with which, from time to time, we invite you to add your grain of sand in a task that concerns us all.

Throughout this year 2023, El Eco de LOS40 will focus on five major territories: air, water, forests, animals and the planet itself. This is why the first Ecotips are linked to the subject that has occupied us for several weeks: pollution. They are going there !

1. Did you know that the textile sector generates enough waste each year to fill 3,000 football stadiums?

Therefore, dress sustainably and reuse before you buy.

2. Did you know that textile production is responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions?

Therefore, dress sustainably and opt for certified clothing.

3. Do you know that your daily activities generate greenhouse gas emissions?

Reduce your carbon footprint by cycling, carpooling or taking public transport.

4. Do you know that the emission of greenhouse gases is linked to global warming?

Reduce your carbon footprint with something as simple as turning down the temperature in your home.

5. Do you know that permanent exposure to air pollution affects our health?

If you recycle, the amount of waste decreases, which improves air quality.

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