We present you an essential artist in your playlist if you like music in Spanish. We had the chance to chat for a while with the Colombian artist Susana Cala, one of the best voices on stage who is slowly making a name for himself in the industry. Since LOS40, we have done 40 questions to get to know her better.

1. Full name: Susana Isaza Pineros.

2. Year and city of birth: City of Bogotá, Colombia, in 1998.

3. Why Susana Cala? Because it was an idea to separate my personal life from my artistic life. Susana is my name and Cala is a flower, my grandmother’s favorite. Therefore, I wore it in his honor.

4. What was your first contact with music? From a very young age because my father made songs and I learned from him.

5. When did you know you wanted to do it? I’ve always loved it and was nervous about making the decision, but it was six years ago when I knew I wanted to do this. At the beginning, I wanted to dedicate myself only to composition. So I started as a composer and then I realized that what I wanted was to play my songs and wait for my emotions and I started to sing too.

6. The song you would have liked to compose: I would have liked to compose Joaquín Sabina with you.

7. A musical genre in which you would never get into: I’m thinking of Trap.

8. A favorite artist and/or entertainer: Now I’m obsessed with a Colombian woman named elsa and elmar. I’m also a big fan of Kany Garcia.

9. The music you listened to at home as a child: My father.

10. A song you’re obsessed with right now: one of the Karl G. his name is While my heart was healing

11. The one you hate to hear right now: Slowly.

12. Artist or artist you would like to collaborate with: Paula Cendejas.

13. Is this a dream or a reality? I hope that’s the reality, I wish.

14. The musician who is in your repertoire and who excites you: My brother, (Morat) or Aitana.

15. If you weren’t a singer, you’d be… a designer.

16. Music for you is… It’s stories and therapy

17. A favorite hobby or sport: Volleyball and football, I really like

18. A moment in your life that you would like to repeat: I would like to relive the feeling I had when my first song was released.

19. What you would say to little Susana Cala: Let her take more risks.

20. The social network that hooks you the most: My favorite is Instagram and the one that hooks me the most is Tik Tok.

21. A life lesson that changed yours: The lesson that changed my life is to try to make mistakes because you learn from mistakes

22. Something you can’t stand that makes you sick: liars

23. A sentence you repeat a lot: the word brutal

24. Something about you that very few people know: that I’m a designer and I have two brothers, I knew I wanted to c

25. A movie that you love or that defines you: Bucketlist, it’s spectacular, I cry every time I see it and it’s my favorite.

26. Something fatal for you: Riding a bike, I don’t know.

27. Something (or someone) you’re obsessed with: I’m completely obsessed with ginger tea, I love it and can’t stop.

28. Your personality: I am very simple and very close.

29. Your most beautiful childhood memory: My most beautiful childhood memory is when I played with all my cousins, we did performances that we later charged to our parents.

30. A toy (or game) from childhood: It was a toy that had everything, it was called Rabanne and it was a bear. It was my favorite.

31. What you miss: I miss my home, my parents and my family.

32. Something you regret: The truth is I don’t know, I truly believe there is nothing because I believe everything happens for a reason so I don’t regret anything. They are part of growth.

33. Your favorite word: Brutal

34. A hobby: I get very anxious driving when it rains, I can’t, sometimes I have to stop.

35. Tattoos: I don’t have any at the moment.

36. A Hidden Pleasure (something you’re embarrassed to admit liking): I’m embarrassed to admit I’m taking a shower listening to the High School Musical soundtrack.

37. The most surreal thing that has happened to you in your career: The other day you were in a songwriting session and Jorge Drexler, Guitarricadelafuente and C Tangana were together, something completely surreal. I worked with Guitarrica and he’s incredibly talented.

38. If you had to title your next song, it would be… I don’t know, lately I’ve been using weird titles, so I think it’s bitter.

39. Challenges: Playing in my city Bogotá.

40. If you weren’t Susana Cala and you met her, what would you think of her? I guess he would think I’m more shy than I really am.

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