MIAMI, Florida – Although search efforts continue, authorities maintain the same number of fatalities in the building that collapsed in Surfside.

Meanwhile, more details of possible irregularities and structural problems in the property emerge.

On the sixth day of the search and rescue operation, and while some of the relatives cling to hope, others demand a response and insist that this tragedy could have been prevented.

An investigation by the Miami Herald indicates that just 36 hours before the collapse, a swimming pool contractor visited the building and took photographs, showing what could be damage to the bottom of the pool: cracked concrete and the reinforcing bars severely corroded.

According to reports, the condominium association board sent a letter to the owners in April, informing that the damage previously found was getting worse, and that the repairs would cost more than 15 million dollars.

As investigators begin the long process to determine the causes of the tragedy, the community continues to show its support for the victims and their families.

Dozens of people gathered Monday night in an emotional vigil a short distance from the building, to pray for the 11 victims who have been identified, and the 150 who remain missing.

On Tuesday the White House confirmed that President Joe Biden will arrive in South Florida on Thursday to visit the site of the tragedy and meet with affected families.

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