It has been almost a week since news of the attack broke. Ana Obregón’s motherhood at 68. A fact that has unleashed criticism for two reasons: firstly, because she was a mother at her age and, secondly, for having resorted to surrogate mother.

Although a few days later it was Obregón herself who confirmed in Hey ! that the girl, Ana Sandra, is really her granddaughter, as she is the daughter of his late son Aless Lequio; the controversy was already unstoppable, so this weekend socialite socialite He wanted to find other celebrities who have used surrogacy.

one of them was Leticia Sabater. The presenter answered questions from the Telecinco format to give her opinion on surrogacy and all the criticism that surrounded Obregón and, in addition, she said that she too she was about to become a pregnant mother.

“A friend of mine who has a boyfriend asked me if I could be the surrogate.” The presenter started narrating in some recorded statements. “I can still have children and I thought about it”she added.

Leticia Sabater: “I do a hundred concerts a year and I have to be in good shape”

However, as she herself revealed He ended up declining the offer of these friends for three reasons. “The first: I don’t think I’m old, I think you have to be close to your child’s age. The second: I would be unable to be a surrogate, give birth to my child and then give it to someone else,” he explained.

He also added that she was not “born to have this cold”. “I am sure that once my son is born, I will keep him, with which i’m not good at it“, he assured.

But those weren’t her only reasons for not being a surrogate. Leticia Sabater also stressed how important it is for her to continue to be in shape and maintain her body to continue her musical career: “I do a hundred concerts a year and I have to be on top for my fans”.

Ana Obregon responds to criticism

After the announcement of the news Hey ! of her maternity, Ana Obregón also says a few words about it through her social networks, where released his first homemade photo with his granddaughter Ana Sandra:

“My Anita, I will take care of you and protect you, you will never lack my immeasurable love or anything economical, because for this your grandmother worked 40 years, hoping that your father would inherit one day and I only hope that when you are older surrounded by the love of all your cousins, your 11 uncles, your grandmother and your father in heaven be a strong, happy, generous, supportive and caring woman. good health, and forgive as I did those who denied you your right to live“.

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