Horror, family cinema and drama with all the letters: these are the three genres that define The 3 best cinema releases of this Friday, April 21, 2023. Three films which arrive packed by 9 others, making a total of 12 releases which seem excessive for a film market, to say the least saturated.

Infernal Possession: Awakening

The Infernal Possession saga returns with its fifth film; Sam Raimi may not be behind this episode, but the critics were kind to it Infernal Possession: AwakeningSo you will have to try. Besides, the cocktail of terror and gore it offers promises to be a carousel full of violence and actionwithin range only of this IP.

Which holiday !

After the success of films like Padre no hay más que uno and ¡A todo tren!, another Spanish family comedy hits theaters. Which holiday ! (not to call it Grandparents there are only two) is a simple but entertaining proposal, starring Gracia Olayo, Tito Valverde, Toni Acosta there Ernest Sevillein which two grandparents will have to face the complicated task of taking care of their grandchildren.

20,000 species of bees

I hope you all give the love it deserves to 20,000 species of beesa thrilling drama starring Coconuta girl of only eight years old who does not correspond to the expectations of the rest without knowing why. Everyone calls her Aitor, but she doesn’t recognize herself. One of the best Spanish films of the year, superbly performed by Sophie Otero and this comes from scanning the Malaga Festival and in the berlin festival. A proposal on family and identity that deserves all possible recognition.

Other theatrical releases on April 21, 2023

  • Yes, I want… or not (For fans of Richard Gere’s romantic comedies only.)
  • the wonder room (French cinema, with that I say everything).
  • Hanna and the Monsters (Spanish entertainment only for the little ones in the house).
  • Tchaikovsky’s wife (Do Russian films still come out?).
  • smoothness. the silences of the forest (Another Spanish animated film?).
  • To the books and the women that I sing (Spanish experimental documentary).
  • The daughter of all anger (drama that comes to us from Nicaragua).
  • free (another Spanish documentary, a journey inside man).
  • time to love (reissue of this Turkish classic from 1965).

Once again, it is clear that cinemas are full of new releases and that it is practically impossible to find a place in such a saturated market. Did you know that only Go on vacation! and Infernal Possession: The Awakening can scratch anything at the box office?

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