Season 9 of Apex Legends has rekindled players’ interest in Titanfall games, and in particular their multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, a new wave of DDoS attack has affected both games in the license for a few days.

Many players and streamers have brought up the issues, knowing that streamers appear to be under targeted attacks. Some of them claim to be now on a blacklist which ends games upon connection.

Astraeus, creator of specialty content on Titanfall 2, said at Eurogamer he thinks hackers managed to break into the code of the game to target players. This new wave of DDoS attacks is far from a first.

The community has often dealt with a mysterious pirate named Jeanue, which some suspect to be once again behind the concerns encountered. Respawn is of course aware of the issues, and is currently investigating.

However, Jason Garza, community coordinator, indicated on his Twitter account that this time around it will take time.

I know it’s been tough for our TF2 community and I’m sorry. But we are working on a solution, but it will take time.

We are aware of a new wave of DDOS attacks affecting Titanfall games. The team is investigating.

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