At least three rockets were launched this Thursday from the south of the Lebanon a Israel in full escalation of violence with Palestinian factions in GazaAlthough the authorship is unknown, a Lebanese military source informed Efe and confirmed the Israeli army.



“Three to four rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into Israel,” said the Lebanese military source, who requested anonymity.

He indicated that the Lebanese Army units have gone to the area where these projectiles have been launched and that they have already arrested those responsible in the city of Tire, in southern Lebanon, without identifying them at the moment.

For its part, the Israeli Army confirmed in a message that “three rockets were launched from Lebanon towards the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Galilee,” adding that anti-aircraft alarms did not sound.

So far, the Israeli Army has not accused anyone of this action nor has any group claimed responsibility.

Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem. (AFP).
Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem. (AFP).

Last year there was a strong spike in tension between the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah and Israel, which continuously crosses Lebanese airspace, although in recent months the border has remained relatively calm.

The Lebanon and its neighbor Israel do not maintain diplomatic relations; They are formally at war and, to this day, after several armed conflicts, they have not yet established a permanent ceasefire.

This action comes amid the worst escalation of violence in the last seven years between Palestinians and Israelis that has claimed the lives of at least 87 Palestinians, with several hundred injured and strong disturbances in the streets, which are already spreading through different cities.

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