The president of United States, Joe Biden, do not believe that Israel is overreacting to the Palestinians during the escalating conflict in the Middle East, which so far has left 87 dead in the Gaza Strip and 7 Israelis dead.

This is how he expressed it Biden this Thursday in response to a question from a journalist on whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is doing enough to stop the violence in the region.

After answering that he does not see a “significant” overreaction, Biden stressed that “The question is how do they get to a point where there is a significant reduction in attacks, especially rocket attacks, which are being fired indiscriminately at urban centers.”

The US president spoke to Netanyahu on Wednesday by phone to convey his “seamless” support for Israel’s security.

In addition, Biden expressed his support “for the right to Israel to defend himself and his people, while protecting civilians, “according to a statement from the White House.

What is the worst escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israelis in the last seven years is already spreading through different cities.

The Israeli army moved more troops to the border with Gaza on Thursday in the face of a possible ground operation within the strip, while the massive rocket fire from militias inside the enclave and Israeli bombardments continue.

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