A new morning of bombing Israel on Gaza The death toll in the Palestinian strip increased to at least 174 since the beginning of the current war escalation, which today reaches its seventh day, reported the Ministry of Health of the coastal enclave.


Of the total dead, 47 are minors and 29 women, while the number of wounded in Gaza today rose to 1,200.

The Israeli attacks consisted of 50 bombings in less than 15 minutes and included the destruction of the family residence of the leader of the Islamist movement Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, who, however, was not in his home.

According to eyewitnesses in Gaza, the wave of Israeli attacks this morning was the largest since the start of the current escalation, targeting civilian buildings.

Witnesses further claimed that five buildings were hit in Gaza City without warning, killing at least five civilians, including three children, who were inside and whose deaths were confirmed by a spokesperson for Health.

The Israeli Army explained that among the targets attacked this morning included, in addition to the residence of the Hamas leader, the family home of his brother, Mohamad Sinwar, which was evacuated before the attack.

These Israeli bombardments occurred simultaneously with the firing of rockets from Gaza, which did not stop during the night, in which, according to an Israeli military spokesman, more than 130 shots were registered.

On the other hand, the attacks followed a strong wave of rockets launched this morning towards Tel Aviv, which had been previously announced by the leader of the armed wing of Hamas, Mohamad Deif, and which spread to multiple cities in central Israel.

According to the Israeli Army, these shots raised to about 2,900 the projectiles launched since the beginning of the current military escalation, of which about 450 fell within the enclave and about 1,150 were intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile system, Iron Dome.

The shots have already left 10 dead in Israel, eight of them from rocket hits and two from falls while running to bomb shelters. The number of injured Israelis stands at around 270.

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