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Your Shooter Favorites 2021 Show: Open World is the future!

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At the turn of the year we wanted to find out in our large round of surveys which games GameStar readers are most looking forward to in 2021 – and we went through the most important genres with you. After the strategy hopes and the eagerly anticipated role-playing games, now it’s the turn of the first-person shooter results.

Gone are the days of hose levels and given level limits: The hottest candidates are all games with a large, freely explorable game world. Apparently, open worlds full of side quests, NPCs, factions and survival elements also make first-person shooters particularly attractive.

Game highlights 2021

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We present you the results of our survey and explain why we are worried about the winners. The complete overview of the upcoming first-person shooters 2021 including all information about the three winners can be found here:

Mark these first person shooters in 2021!


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Make a note of these first-person shooters 2021!

Poll Results: Top 3 Shooter Hopes

Freedom for the first person shooter!

All three games on the podium await with a large, open game world that we can explore more or less freely in the first person perspective – preferably seasoned with a good pinch of survival. Classically linear titles like Shadow Warrior 3 or Witchfire, on the other hand, appear much further down.

At the top of the GameStar readers’ wish lists, on the other hand, is the post-apocalyptic exclusion zone of Stalker 2: Once again we are in the area around Chernobyl, which is haunted by bandits, mutants and anomalies.

The game is supposed to completely seamless and without loading times come along and appear alive through various factions, traders and other NPCs. Everything we know about Stalker 2 so far has been summarized in this video in under 10 minutes:

STALKER 2 - What we know so far about the first person survival horror shooter

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STALKER 2 – What we know so far about the first person survival horror shooter

Second place is also an open-world game, if not quite as dark: Far Cry 6 sends us as freedom fighters to a Caribbean island to overthrow the tyrannical dictator. As rebel fighters with limited resources, we craft weapons and gadgets together.

In contrast, there is even more end-time flair in Dying Light 2. In a metropolis after the zombie apocalypse, we solve quests for various factions and in this way actively influence the cityscape and the story.

By the way, we are introducing even more games that you should keep an eye on as part of the Find Your Next Game – Winter Edition with livestreams and exclusive previews – so it’s worth stopping by!

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