Super Mario 64

If you talk about the greatest classics in gaming history, one title will certainly not be missing. Super Mario 64 is celebrating its 25th anniversary in just under 2 months and is considered one of the most important milestones in video game history. Not only has the game been forgotten from 1996 until today, but it is still playable today.

Even if Mario probably consists of fewer polygons than a blade of grass from current Triple A titles, the game is still played a million times. Nintendo did a great job back then and created a game world that has aged absolutely well.


And for everyone who has not yet had the opportunity to play the classic, there is now good news. From now on you can play Super Mario 64 in a whole new way. The popular N64 game can now be played directly with a keyboard and mouse or even a controller in the web browser. No additional download or the like is required.

All you have to do is go to the website. You can start right away and play the classic from Nintendo. The game is pretty much as you would remember it to be. It also runs pretty smoothly for a browser game. Also special: You can save your progress, something you don’t necessarily know from every browser game.

All instructions for operation are provided on the start screen. The control takes place entirely with the keyboard, which takes a certain amount of time to get used to. To get that real old-school feeling, you can also connect a controller and play Super Mario 64 as it was originally intended.

The origins of the browser-based Super Mario 64 are actually a port of the Super Mario 64 Decomp project. Anyone who has already had experience with emulators should fear bad things here. Because depending on how capable the developers are, emulator versions can also be faulty or weak in terms of performance. However, we played the game and can give the all-clear – it runs smoothly and, with a little practice, plays extremely well!

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