Manchester United-Liverpool have been officially postponed after some 200 ‘Red Devils’ fans stormed Old Trafford to protest against the Glazer family, who own the club.

“The Premier League recognizes the right to protest, but condemns the acts that may have endangered the Police or the ‘staff’ of the meeting. The game has been postponed for security reasons “, recognizes the English League.

The new date on which the match will be played is unknown, for now. It should be remembered that the ‘Classic’ had maximum relevance, since in case that the ‘ManU.’ will not beat Liverpool, Manchester City will be proclaimed champion mathematically.

Nor does it seem easy that it will be disputed soon, since United must play the second leg of the Europa League semifinals after thrashing Roma (6-2) on the go.

Protests have been a constant throughout the day in the city of Manchester. The announcement of participation in the ‘defunct’ Super League was the ‘last straw’ for the fans’ patience against the Glazers.

United fans blocked the club’s exit from the concentration hotel and gathered in the vicinity of Old Trafford. At one point, they circumvented the security measures and entered the stadium with flares. They took the pennants from the corner kicks and, the doubt is, if they got to access the changing room tunnel.

In the latter case, the health bubble would have been broken forcing to suspend definitively the party.

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