ChatGPT seems to be quite a revolutionary technology, and a similar AI is appearing on the Internet, using the knowledge acquired by the chatbot. Bing’s AI, for example, can give you plenty of options when chatting with it.

But, the most useful option for those just looking to kill time with a chatbot seems to come in “creative” mode, where you can make more interesting prompts for the Bing AI. However, you have to ask Bing to go into creative mode, and when you do, you can also ask for Celebrity mode.

“Celebrity Mode is a feature that lets you chat with Bing as if you were a famous personality,” explains the chatbot. “You can ask questions about his life, career, hobbies, etc., and Bing will respond in your style and tone. To enable celebrity mode, you can ask Bing Chat about it. For example, you can say ‘Can you talk like Tom Cruise?’ or “I want to chat with Taylor Swift. However, some celebrities are restricted for security reasons. Do you want to try celebrity mode?”

There are only a few celebrities you can chat with right now, but that doesn’t make the experience any less weird. While the results mimic the responses of celebrities, the whole conversation with an AI that thinks it’s a celebrity is on another bizarre level. I’m not sure I’m ready to understand just yet.


Want to check out celebrity mode?

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