The jury panel Your face is familiar to me renewed in its tenth edition. Angel Lazarus, Chenoa, carlos latre there lolita collect their seats to scrutinize the performance of the new candidates of this edition.

The four appear in the latest promotional video for the Antena 3 program and the image of Lolita is particularly striking. The singer appears with the middle finger of her right hand bandaged.

The question when viewing the image is almost inevitable. What’s wrong with Lolita? Why is your finger bandaged?

The answer can be found on the singer’s own Instagram account, which shared the details of the accident which took him to the hospital.

“This finger is mine, but first phalanx brokenI don’t paint anyone,” said the artist, who posted a photo of the bandaged finger and another of the X-ray showing the broken phalanx.

“I wanted to put a 20 kilo jug of water in his device and he fell on my middle finger of my right hand. Anyway, that was last Friday,” he wrote on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, referring to what happened on Friday the 13th.

Lolita says in her post that she “cried in pain” and that she didn’t just break her bone. “I also have four stitches because it’s not just the 20 kilos that I cut my finger”added the singer, who posted the photo on her way to the taping of this season of Your face is familiar to me.

He dismissed the post with a reassuring message for his followers: “I’m fine not to worry, and if anyone was happy with my illness, well, they already have the comb over it, a month of great loss of friends and a broken finger, but may all the bad stay in my finger thanks to all and good night again, kisses”.

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