Xenoblade Chronicles 3 already has a date to put clock in and complete your expansion passwith which it introduced 4 updates to the brilliant JRPG, one of the best games of 2022.

This fourth DLC (volume 4) adds a new chapter to the story of Keves and Agnus with repurchased futures contracts. This new adventure takes place before the events of the main game and will serve as a link between the three main installments of Xenoblade Chronicles as we follow in the footsteps of a cast of characters new and some familiar to the Monolith Soft series. Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Futures Redeemed also features new combat mechanics, such as the union jumpsuitwith which two characters can attack in unison.

In addition to Super Smash Bros. Amiibo of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters Pyra and Mythra, Nintendo has confirmed that the Noah and Mio figurines are in development and they will arrive in the future, although there is no release date yet.

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