Industry veterans who worked on games like The Witcher 3 and Dying Light have come together to reveal a new strategy game that combines Mass Effect, XCOM, and even Fire Emblem. From new studio Wooden Alien comes Space Prison, a game about escaping confinement by any means necessary.

Part XCOM and part Fire Emblem, Space Prisons tasks you with escaping containment by any means necessary. With grid-based combat that instantly reminded me of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you’ll explore the titular incarceration center of Space Prison and talk to other inmates, join gangs, and battle alien creatures to escape you.

You can see Space Prison in action below.

Just like in BioWare’s Mass Effect games, you’ll also assemble a team of affable aliens with unique abilities, each with weapons and gear created and upgraded by you. There is also a social ladder system where you will form alliances and enemies, both of which will be integral to your escape.

After joining one of Space Prison’s many gangs, you’ll find that each has a different playstyle and mechanics, which should change the way you try to escape.

“Space Prison combines survival with tactics and social dynamics,” says Hubert Kubit, CEO of Wooden Alien. “We wanted to create a game that would immerse players in a detailed universe of sci-fi adventures and provide them with a truly unique gaming experience. With Space Prison, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this goal.”

There’s no release window for Space Prison yet, but you can wishlist the game and keep up to date on the Steam page in the meantime.

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