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As part of his interview with the Xbox On YouTube channel today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked about the team’s upcoming plans, revealing that the focus is currently on the annual summer showcase of Xbox which will take place in June.

However, he also mentioned that some news will come out from time to time, hinting that “golden eye write announcements” that may be in the works. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

“So we’re focusing right now on the storefront in June, but there’s some news that’s coming out. I mean, things that… you know, GoldenEye has done… I’m thinking, you know, advertisements of GoldenEye type. So there will be things available, games available on different services. Obviously the Game Pass portfolio continues to grow, but most of our efforts as a team are really gearing up for the showcase.”

The only ad that comes to mind is Ghostwire: Tokyowhich seems set for an Xbox Game Pass release in March 2023. Nothing has been announced yet, but we expect to hear more by the end of the month.

Other than that anyone can guess, but we don’t suggest you get your hopes up too much. It looks like the focus is now on Xbox’s summer showcase and hopefully the star field showcase before that too!

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