ps5 sales nearly doubled the number of Xbox Series X/S units sold, according to an analyst. According to the analyst, Xbox moved 18.5 million units, which is significantly lower than Sony’s console sales.

Sales of the PS5 at 30 million against 18.5 million for the Xbox

Industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls at Ampere Analysis reported that the PS5 significantly leads sales in the current generation, stating that Sony beat Microsoft consoles by 11.5 million units sold. Harding-Rolls estimates that the PS5 has sold 30 million units, which is lower than the figures provided by Sony, as the company revealed earlier this month that 32.1 million units had been sold. . This means that if the Harding-Rolls figure is correct, the PS5 leads the Xbox with 13.6 million units sold even more.

Harding-Rolls states that “availability of the PlayStation 5 improved towards the end of the year, particularly in the US, and global stock was much more consistently available in 2023”. With Xbox Series X not yet finished with shortages, this gap in the market can only widen, likely causing Microsoft to desperately try to gain a foothold in the market, such as trying to find a way to accelerate the acquisition of Microsoft Activision-Blizzard. .

In other news, Microsoft has officially acknowledged that Xbox Game Pass is actually driving down sales, and a The Last of Us multiplayer developer has spoken about implementing a new feature in the game.

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