World Flipper is available from September 8 on iOS and Android. On the occasion of the release of this very curious action-RPG / Pinball game, we are giving you some tips to get your adventure off to a good start.

World Flipper, the new game of Cygames and Kakao Games offers a truly unique mobile experience. Available on iOS and Android since September 8, World Flipper will travel you through different worlds in a pinball game, mixed with action / RPG and gacha components, more traditional of Japanese productions.

At first glance, the pinball aspect seems to limit the gameplay possibilities of the game. However, World Flipper has many elements of the RPG genre, between character progression, weapons and experience. In the lines below, we explain how to start your adventure in World Flipper :


  • Advancing your team in World Flipper
  • World Flipper Combat System
  • Currency management in World Flipper

Advancing your team in World Flipper

Before starting a fight in World Flipper, you find yourself in front of a screen asking you to assemble your group. You have three main boxes for which you must choose a hero, according to their abilities but also their elements.

There are four elements: fire, wind, water and lightning. The operation is classic: fire has an advantage over wind, wind over lightning, lightning over water and water itself has an advantage over fire. An important thing to remember is that the opponent will never gain this elemental advantage., regardless of the characteristics of your team.

Your three heroes can be equipped in two different ways. First, each of them can be equipped with a secondary companion that is in your inventory. Combining two characters in this way grants you more powerful combos. The second part concerns armament.

During your various fights, you will occasionally gain weapons that can be equipped to the members of your team. But beware, owning multiple copies of a weapon does not allow you to equip it with multiple heroes. However, you can use these copies to increase the power of your initial weapon.

Each fight brings you experience increasing the level of your team members. Conversely, those remaining in your inventory cannot be affected if they are not fighting. Nevertheless, it is possible to raise the level of one of these heroes thanks to the experience gained in combat.

The latter, represented by a blue icon, increases the level of a character who is not fighting. And while every hero has a level cap, you can increase this limit if you have one or more copies of your character.

World Flipper Combat System

At first glance, World Flipper looks like a classic arcade game. Your team serves as the ball and tapping anywhere on the screen activates the pinball machines, propelling them towards their targets.

But here, your goal is not to achieve the highest score but to reduce the life points of your opponents to zero. To achieve your goals, each member of your team has normal and special attacks.

These special attacks activate when a character’s Skill Gauge reaches 100%. Its image will appear in the arena and you will need to swipe across the screen in the direction of that image to activate the technique. This means that you can have up to three such attacks.

Likewise, the power flip activates the higher your combo is. The pinball machine then changes color and when your team is propelled by it again, it creates a devastating attack.

When your group is in the air, you can create impulses to keep them at the top of the arena longer and deal more damage. The moment your opponent unleashes a special attack, one or more red icons appear and hitting them in time cancels the attack and disorients your opponent in the process.

Currency management in World Flipper

Like many mobile games, World Flipper offers two types of currencies, mana and star pearls, to help you progress in the game.

These two currencies are obtained when you fight or complete the episodes of your characters’ story. But while pearls are relatively easy to obtain and in good quantities, mana is not, at least initially..

Pearls are expensive and allow you to get new characters in the lottery or buy mana in return. 50 star beads are equivalent to 5,000 mana, 250 to 30,000 mana and 500 to 60,000 mana. It is therefore quite easy to obtain mana in large quantities, since a fight alone can net you a hundred pearls.

And this mana is valuable in the mana table. It is in this section that you can improve the skills and techniques of your characters, regardless of their own level.

These upgraded characters generally have better health and better attacks. You will also need materials to obtain these upgrades. This material is accessible in combat but also in the “Finds” menu where you can exchange it for mana.

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