It looks like the future of EVs will see the elimination of a physical cable needed to charge each car’s battery, as automaker Genesis is currently testing dedicated true wireless charging stations for EVs.

As Top Gear reports, this move is first being tested in South Korea, and as far as how it works, it’s exactly the same as using a wireless charger for your phone. All you have to do is park an EV on a charger and then the rest has to be taken care of.

While this seems like the next logical step for the world of electric vehicles, don’t expect to be able to have a home wireless charging station anytime soon, as it took the smartphone years to make charging wireless. in large scale. available, cars will need to be designed or modified to be able to use a charging station.

Also, the solution currently in use doesn’t appear to be as effective as a regular cable, as Top Gear notes that the pads Genesis is testing will take around eight hours to fully charge a car battery, although Volvo has said it has also recently tested a similar solution that could deliver charging at four times the speed.



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