At the end of March, Terra Nil was released, a kind of hybrid puzzle and strategy game from the independent studio Free Lives. Although the game was already famous (it became a phenomenon during last year’s Steam Next Fest), it was only after its official debut that it gained real fame and popularity.

Bearing this in mind the creators of the “upside down city builder” decided to share a messagein which they appreciate the incredible reception given to their work -the title has reached 300,000 players-..

The developers will donate 8% of the proceeds from the sale of the game to the non-profit organization called Endangered Wildlife Trustdedicated to wildlife conservation in South Africa.

This information was accompanied by a video in which Free Lives presents a selection of opinions on Terra Nile (you can see it below).

“Just a week after the release of Terra Nile, the game has attracted 300,000 environmental enthusiasts,” reads the announcement, in which the developers also encourage support for the Tree Nation initiative.

Nile country received 1,739 ratings in Steamof which 83% are positive. The activity record was set right after launch, i.e. March 28, when 5,916 players played the game at one time.

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