Many character ascension items in Genshin Impact can be obtained by fighting bosses in the world. Such is the case with the Lightning Prism, an item you can only obtain by defeating the Electro Hypostasis boss found in Mondstadt. You’ll likely see this ominous purple cube early in the game, but if you don’t know how to fight it to get the lightning prism, this guide will walk you through it. Here’s how to get Lighting Prism in Genshin Impact.

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How to get Electro Hypostasis Boss Lighting Prism in Genshin Impact

The only way to get the Lightning Prism ascension material in Genshin Impact is to fight and defeat the Electro Hypostasis boss in Mondstadt. You’ll also need to have 40 original resins on hand to open the Trounce flower it leaves behind. Even then, there is a chance that the resource will not drop.

You can find the Electro Hypostasis boss in cape oath in Monstandt. It occupies an arena on the cliff just above the Eagle Gate estate. If you approach the boss, he will attack himself and the fight will begin.

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Electro Hypostasis is not a very difficult boss to beat. As one of the previous bosses in the game, all of his abilities can be easily dodged. The boss itself is pure electro, making it a good target for elemental reactions, especially brand, offer, there Tears. All of his attacks deal electrical damage, so if you’re having trouble, you can invest in increasing his stamina.

All boss attacks are telegraphed, so dodge them while dealing damage to your DPS characters. When defeated, the prism splits into three parts and a timer starts. If he runs out, he will reassemble and you will have to fight him again. The way around this is to destroy all three shards using elemental reactions. Each requires three reactions to destroy, so prepare a quick source. Again, the items mentioned above work best for this part as well.

After beating the boss, you will have a chance to get one or more Lightning Prisms. The probability and number of them depends on their Global level (about 60% probability). The higher the level, the higher the chances of getting it, and from WL 4 you can even get two Lightning Prisms in a single fight if you’re lucky.

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What is Lightning Prism used for in Genshin Impact?

Lightning Prism is a character ascension material used by five Electro characters in Genshin Impact. Four of them are 4-star characters, while only one 5-star character needs them. These characters are:

  • Keqing (5 stars)
  • Beidou (4 stars)
  • fish (4 stars)
  • Lisa (4 stars)
  • The razor (4 stars)


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