The Great Stars are unique among the standard Elden Ring upgrade Great Hammers in that each time you hit an enemy with it, you restore 1% of your health per enemy hit. This heal stacks with Ashes of War creating multiple hits like Prelate’s Charge, and if you buff Big Stars with Bloodflame Blade Encantation, its already inherent bleed buildup becomes nearly unstoppable. Great hammers were also improved in patch 1.09 and are now among the best weapons in the game for PvP. This is where you have to find it.

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Great Stars Great Hammer Location in Elden Ring

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Before you can get the Big Stars, you need to get to the Altus Plateau, either by taking the big Dectus Elevator in northern Liurnia of the Lakes or by fighting your way through the Ruin-Strown Precipice mini-dungeon . No matter how you get there, you’ll want to head to the northern part of the Plateau, north of the forest and Minor Erdtree, but south of the cluster of windmills. There you will see a large broken bridge, below which is a site of grace called the Side Road of the Road of Iniquity.

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Rest at Grace, then head west. You’ll quickly come across a large cart pulled by two trolls and surrounded by humanoid enemies, much like the one you saw in Limgrave. The treasure chest in the back of the cart contains the Great Stars, but you must stop the procession to claim it. Fortunately, stopping the car is relatively easy. All you have to do is kill one of the chained trolls.

Great Stars of Elden Ring Troll ChariotGamepur screenshot

You don’t need to worry about other enemies to claim the big stars from the cart chest. Once one troll is killed, the other kneels down and stops moving. Smaller enemies will still try to kill you, but you can completely avoid them, open the chest, and claim the weapon for yourself.

As a standard upgrade weapon, Big Stars can equip different Ashes of War and use different elemental infusions. As mentioned, Bloodflame Blade is a great option, but Lion’s Claw, Troll’s Roar, and Royal Knight’s Resolve are also excellent. It comes with Endure Ash of War by default, which grants you infinite balance for a short time – good to swap out if you think your damage is high enough. Note that if you apply elemental infusions you won’t be able to buff large stars, but adding a bleed or cold infusion can skyrocket the damage potential of the weapon.


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