Gaijin Entertainment has announced a new tech tree for the online action game War Thunder. This new tech tree will arrive loaded with Soviet robots with atomic cores. These have been recreated using exclusive material from the shooter Atomic Heart.

Each of these robots will have different qualities, causing easy adaptation to the world of War Thunder. Some of the examples shown are: the welding robot MA-9 Belyashbased on chimpanzees, has great agility to easily climb any surface, becoming the best explorer.

To repair and build any machine, this army has at its disposal NA-T256 Natasha, although he can also fight thanks to a jet pack that allows him to reach up to 95 km/h. In addition, it has an arsenal of anti-personnel mines, a rocket launcher and a Katyusha 3.0 multiple rocket launcher.

One of the most represented sectors in the line-up is that of the air attack teams. They have equipment at their disposal, such as the truck MTU-7 Drone with a laser system or a small mobile drone Owl LUC-1 with ShKAS automatic machine guns.

More information about the Soviet robots in War Thunder and the date of the beta test for the new tech tree will be presented later.

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