Warzone: Verdansk has fallen, everything that happened last night

Warzone: Verdansk has fallen, everything that happened last night

We told you for a while, the Verdansk map of Call of Duty: Warzone was doomed to undergo a cataclysmic event before being replaced by a new version. The event started last night, looking back at the events of last night.

At around 9 p.m., if you were lucky, you could access the Call of Duty: Warzone servers, and discover the event that was to change everything, the last hours of Verdansk. If you were lucky, since the servers struggled to contain the flood of concurrent players.

Once launched on the map, the players found themselves in a somewhat special game. Dropped onto the map with a Jak-12 and a gas mask, the idea was to survive the ever-expanding zombie invasion on Verdansk for several months. But yesterday was particularly fast, all the more that every player killed became infected, and had access to gameplay in the skin of a zombie. Many behemoths were responsible for containing the invasion, but from a practical point of view were mainly there to eradicate the zombies as the players!

The map was shrinking more and more, with radiation zones that move and push everyone towards the dam. Except this time the‘exfiltration was impossible for still healthy humans. For players alive until the last second, at the end of a predefined time, an evacuation message was broadcast all over the map: “It’s too late. It was then that a nuclear missile struck, reducing the entire map to ashes.

Warzone: Verdansk has fallen, everything that happened last nightWarzone: Verdansk has fallen, everything that happened last night

But this was only the first part of the event here. The second highlights the playlist Renaissance taking place on Rebirth Island, at night, fifteen minutes after the nuclear attack. It allows you to play with modes Resurgence, Mini-Royale and Regicide in a limited-time version, to discover the fallout and consequences of the atomic explosion.

It should be noted that questions remain unanswered, in particular regarding a website named Rebirth from the AshesRené from his ashes – shared by Call of Duty on Twitter, suggesting that‘resistance is in place, or in any case that a group would like to rebel against those who shot Verdansk. The site is available here .

Season 3 is therefore officially launched, and Renaissance mode is still playable on Warzone, until tonight. In fact, at 9 p.m., the second part of the event which began yesterday at 9 p.m. will take place. Players will surely be entitled to a preview of what will happen next for Warzone, and possibly an explanation: how is Call of Duty: Warzone going to justify going back to the days of the Cold War?

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