VShe new week begins at VCT EMEA. The best VALORANT competition in the world enters its fifth week, and He does it this time with a big game that could spell fate in the Giants standings, the Spanish team which is currently the best in terms of victories.

Today they face a team which a priori did not come out in the chickens as one of the first, but which makes people talk, Team liquid. With Sayf as the star player, they are 3-2 on aggregate, which leaves them in the middle of the table, level with the Giants. Whoever wins today will be one step closer to reaching the top of the leaderboard.

Giants vs Liquid to get out of the middle table

Pipson’s men will play their sixth game today at 8:00 p.m. To be 4-2 would be very positive, but in turn, a 3-3 could leave them affected facing a good placing for the Playoffs. There are only a few days left, and that makes each game more and more important. We will see if Fitinho and company are able to tame horses today.

April 26 Matches

  • 20:00 Giants Gaming – Team Liquid

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