For many, the world of video games is exclusively a man’s business. To break its codes which do not reflect reality, the world of e-sport is developing. Karmine Corp makes its mark with its female team in Valorant

It was this Thursday, February 9 that Karmine Corp formalized the composition of its female team in Valorant, the RIOT Games FPS. It is with a 100% female and French-speaking team that one of the most popular esports clubs in France is embarking on the Game Changers adventure (a circuit reserved exclusively for female players). If the men’s team is dedicated in parallel to the Champions Tour. The women’s team will have to face formidable teams. In particular, the G2 Gozen team, defending winners. KCorp’s goal is clear: to be able to compete with the best of FPS Valorant in the next women’s tournaments.

For this, the team has surrounded itself with quality players. We find in this team Asma Boughida (LiriLia) who has a fairly extensive record, and will be captain of the team. He won a multitude of European tournaments with his former team TENSTAR Nova. We also find Gotaga’s sister, Mel, Nelo, Ninou and Matriix. It should also be noted that the team will be coached by Mathieu Plantin (LaAw) (former French championship player) and assistant coach Emma Beziaud Le Pochat (Emash) (former Valorant Tour of Champions commentator).

Compete quickly against the best

It is with this cast that KCorp wants to quickly make its mark in future competitions. “A new adventure begins” It is with this motto that the large structure of electronic sports in France that KCorp wants to make an impression on the French scene, but especially internationally. No doubt that with their know-how, they will reach the top in no time. This announcement is good news to celebrate, it marks a new step forward for women’s esports.

the KCorp hits hard with its women’s team

KCorp fans will be sure to lend their unwavering support to this new team. We can only wish them our best wishes for this new adventure. Of course, as you can imagine, we’ll be watching for any positive news for this team.

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