Dreamlight Valley’s next update is just around the corner, and developer Gameloft is revealing on Twitter that it includes the return of one of its most useful and requested features. Disney Dreamlight Valley, already one of Disney’s best PC games, is gearing up for an exciting 2023 that kicks off with the arrival of Encanto’s Mirabel and Frozen’s Olaf in February, but its most recently announced turnaround could to be one of the most exciting to date. . .

Gameloft states, “Since the last update, Kristoff has put his gathering skills to the test and will be increasing item limits at all levels of his outpost, including returning unlimited coal!” If you’ve played Dreamlight Valley as much as I have, you’ll already know why this is good news, but if you’re still just getting started, let me assure you: it’s enormous information.

Kristoff’s Stand is one of the most useful add-on features offered by any Disney Dreamlight Valley character to date. You’ll unlock the ability to build the stable once you reach friendship level 6 with Kristoff, but then you can upgrade it to friendship level 10 so that it contains six items per day. These rotate daily, but include very useful items such as iron and gold bars, bricks, cloth, and coal ore.

Coal is one of the most useful resources in Dreamlight Valley – it’s used for cooking, so you’ll need plenty of it if you want to cook all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and cook meals for Remy’s restaurant and his friends. friends in the village, or just to brew coffees to maintain your stamina while farming. It’s not Also Difficult to farm, but it can be quite a tedious process, so being able to buy it directly from Kristoff is a godsend.

In the early days of Dreamlight Valley, before I got involved in the game, you could actually buy unlimited shares in Kristoff’s booth. Besides the obvious use for circumventing the need to grind resources, this was particularly powerful as it allowed potentially infinite money to be earned in Dreamlight Valley by repeatedly cooking soufflés, which otherwise only require ingredients that Remy can buy for pure profit. .

Without the ability to batch cook (which Gameloft says it’s considering, but isn’t yet available), making soufflés one-by-one is a bit of a chore, so it’s not the most efficient way to earn money. money, but it will be interesting. see if the cost of Kristoff’s coal supplies is adjusted or if this method is allowed to persist as is. Gameloft has given a nod to the power of the soufflé as a money-making tool, so you definitely know that.

“It is important for us to find the right balance between satisfaction and challenge”, Gameloft add. “While we want to make sure collecting rare materials doesn’t become trivial, there are some conveniences worth coming back to. We know how much you love to cook after all! It’s certainly a burden, and coal is far from the only reason: the potential to more easily get your hands on even basic resources like sand and pebbles will no doubt progress throughout my renovation project. sprawling Dreamlight Valley at an enhanced pace.

The Dreamlight Valley Charm update arrives on February 16. Gameloft is also teasing its April update with a trailer for Dreamlight Valley Lion King featuring Simba and Nala. Be sure to check out our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for the best money-making tips and more, plus more of the best cooking games on PC if you’re hungry.

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