Valheim: You will find puzzling material in the Unfinished areas

Valheim: You will find puzzling material in the Unfinished areas

Anyone who diligently explores the world in Valheim will even come across countries that the developers are still working on.

We already know from the official roadmap of Valheim that currently only five of a total of nine planned climate zones are completed and fully playable. But you can already explore some of these unfinished biomes and discover things there that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

Here we give you an overview of these three enigmatic areas, their secrets and what they reveal about the future of Valheim.


Appears with: Update 4 (fourth quarter 2021)

Of the three unfinished areas, the mistlands are the most developed zone, as their release is scheduled to take place in 2021. The mistlands essentially consist of gigantic tall trees that clearly tower above all plants from other zones, thick roots and ubiquitous spider webs.

As with other degradable raw materials, the name of the roots flashes when you aim at it – however, there is no known tool that can penetrate them and collect the resource. So there may be new crafting options here soon.

There are also indications of new monsters: In addition to ordinary stones and small spruce trees, the bottom of the mistlands is covered with huge skulls, which some players interpret as an indication of giants. The webs, on the other hand, could indicate spiders. There are currently no creatures in the Mistlands.

Deep North

Appears with: Unknown

As the name suggests, the Deep North area can be found at the very edge at the top of almost every randomly generated Valheim map. This area is dominated by snow and ice and is strongly reminiscent of an extreme variant of the already completed mountain biome.

Just like there, a stay in the Deep North requires frost protection mead or clothing made of wolf or lox fur due to the cold in order not to be damaged.

So far there are no raw materials in this zone, but you can walk around on ice floes off the coast and destroy large blocks of ice with a pickaxe. It is assumed that a new (building) raw material could come into play here. No creatures have been spotted before.


Appears with: unknown

This inhospitable area is exactly opposite the Deep North at the southern end of almost all current Valheim maps and is the least developed of the three areas. It is a barren, desert-like environment with no hills, animals or significant vegetation, in which ash is constantly raining.

However, the Ashlands are inhabited by surtlings, the nimble fire elementals who also appear in the swamp or the plains. You can get coal or surtling kernels from them as usual.

An exciting detail of the Ashlands: In contrast to the other two biomes there is a completely new raw material herethat doesn’t appear anywhere else! Mostly guarded by a few surtlings, you will find glowing metal deposits here that can be mined with a pickaxe.

The flametal ore obtained in this way can be melted in the blast furnace together with coal into flametal bars.

The journey ends here, however, because Flametal cannot yet be forged into tools, armor or weapons. With cheats, however, you can get yourself a burning flametal sword – so there are definitely new crafting options with the material coming up to us!

By the way, we talked to the developers about their further plans, planned features and your questions about the game! With GameStar Plus you can read our interview here with the first details about new updates for Valheim.

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