The survival hit Valheim swims on a great wave of success and attracts new players every day. However, despite all the joy, there are sometimes moments of frustration.

Not so long ago there was a serious bug in Valheim that destroyed your game world and with it the progress that was made with difficulty. In a game that is still in the Early Access phase, such errors are to be expected, but still annoying. However, there is a way to save your game status and protect yourself from losing it.

First of all, it is important that you activate the Windows function for displaying hidden files and folders and close Valheim. To show hidden files, simply write “hidden” in the search field at the bottom left of your taskbar – then the option “show hidden files” should be available.

Then you have to go to the file folder of the survival game, which can be found in the following path by default:

C: Users > [Username] > AppData > Local > Iron Gate > Valheim

If you have created your user folder on a different drive, you have to exchange the letter at the beginning accordingly. To be on the safe side, you should copy the entire Valheim folder and store it in another location or another drive.

In principle, however, it is sufficient to secure the two sub-folders “worlds” and “characters” in this way.

Should you operate your own server for Valheim, backups will be created at regular intervals – depending on the operator – that you can access if necessary. No manual backup is actually necessary here.

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