Many players of the survival hit Valheim have certainly already seen the Abyssal Harpoon in action on streamers or one or the other video and have since wondered how they can get this special weapon. So that you don’t have to have sleepless nights in this regard, we tell you at this point how you can get possession of the harpoon.

First of all: This special weapon is not a rare booty, but you can make it yourself. For this, however, you not only need a level 2 workbench, but also very specific raw materials. Here is a brief overview:

  • 8 units of precious wood
  • 3 units of leather scraps
  • 30 units of chitin

You can find the first two raw materials relatively quickly. For the precious wood you only have to cut down some oak or birch trees with a bronze ax.

You can get the leather scraps from boars, among others. On the other hand, it gets a little trickier with chitin. You can only find that on the so-called “Leviathans” – small floating islands that you first have to track down in the vastness of the sea. There are some barnacles there that you can mine like stones or ores.

However, there is another catch: As soon as you start to break the barnacles, there is a ten percent chance that the “Leviathan” will wake up and dive into the depths.

Accordingly, your ship should always be nearby so that you can quickly save yourself on board after this diving process and do not have to drown. After all, you have about 20 seconds to get to safety after awakening.

Once you have collected all the raw materials, you can make the Abyssal Harpoon on your workbench and go hunting with this somewhat unusual weapon.

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