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Secrets and Trivia of Umbrella Corporation From Resident Evil

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If we were to decide which is the most evil company in video game history, Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation would come out on top. Since the original game’s release in 1996, we’ve had to face their diabolical plans, terrifying creatures, viral outbreaks, and endless conspiracies to take over the world. We show you 10 secrets and curiosities of Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil saga, from the original trilogy of juices to the latest installments.

One of the most legendary sagas in video games is Resident Evil, the jewel in the crown of a Capcom that left us speechless in 1996, when it launched the first game on PSX, PC and a year later on Saturn. But the zombies weren’t the biggest threat at Spencer Mansion …

As we progress through the original Resident Evil, we discover who is behind it all and pulls the strings of the horrors we have encountered: Umbrella Corporation . We will be guinea pigs of literally all kinds of biological creatures created by this evil pharmaceutical company .

But, of course, things weren’t going to stay at the Spencer Mansion. Soon, the virus outbreak created by Umbrella (the T Virus) reached the great city of Raccoon City; there we lived the rise and fall of Umbrella with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, but unfortunately his legacy would continue …

Do you want to know everything about Umbrella Corporation? We show you 10 secrets and curiosities of this evil pharmaceutical company , which has given us so many headaches in the Resident Evil saga. Grab your herbs, ammo and turn off the lights, here we go.

‘A civilization of supermen’

Umbrella Corporation’s origins date back to the 1960s, long before they were involved in the production and distribution of drugs. His philosophical theories were born on a trip to Africa by three fellow students, James Marcus, Oswell Spencer and Edward Ashford, who discovered a flower called “Starway of the Sun” (Ascension to the Sun), with strange and powerful properties.

It turns out that this flower contained the strain of the mutagenic virus, which could lead to giving superhuman abilities to anyone who was “infected.” In some way, the study and extraction of this substance was the basis of Umbrella’s later ideology: to create a civilization of supermen. Later this would derive in the arms and biological plans of Umbrella Corporation.

The Virus T project

The study on the Starway of the Sun flower led to the discovery of the Progenitor virus, the predecessor of what would later lead to the design of the T Virus, an indispensable element of the Resident Evil saga. The trio of students founded Umbrella Pharmaceuticals as a front while developing the T Virus project, based on studies of the Progenitor virus. The goal was to create a definitive and transcendent biological weapon.

The three founders of Umbrella Corporation did not do very well. James Marcus was treacherously murdered by Oswell Spencer, and the latter fell at the hands of Albert Wesker, not before spending all his secrecy in the iconic Spencer Mansion that we visited in Resident Evil and Resident Evil Remake . For his part, Edward Ashford died in 1968 from contracting the Progenitor virus on his research trips.

Mr. X, Nemesis and the G-Virus

Studies on the T Virus led Umbrella to develop powerful biological weapons with animals (BOW’s), such as giant tarantulas, sharks, huge snakes, so-called Hunters, Lickers and other cute things. However, another strain of the Progenitor virus is discovered, resulting in a variant called G-Virus. The original intentions of the Umbrella founders were close to being fulfilled.

As we discovered in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 , the G-Virus is capable of turning humans into terrible creatures with superhuman stamina and strength. From here lead the improved projects of the original Tyrant, such as Mr. X, Nemesis or William Birkin in their different stages of development.

”Creative” differences between Umbrella USA and Umbrella Europe

The power of the G-Virus is enormous, but it greatly deteriorates the intelligence of each host. Here some creative differences arose between Umbrella’s American and European divisions. While in the United States they focused on creating powerful supermen like Mr X, in Europe they focused on studying how to counteract the deterioration of intelligence caused by this strain of the Progenitor virus.

From this European project arises the well-known Nemesis, a Tyrant modified with the Nemesis-Alpha parasite, which replaces the damaged brain of the original host. In Resident Evil 3 we could already suffer this terrible being, who was sent to Raccoon City to eliminate the surviving STARS members of the Spencer Mansion incident.

Umbrella’s armed arm

Since Umbrella operated with dangerous creatures, it needed a private army to defend its interests. When the USSR disappeared, the company took over a group of mercenaries it called UBSC, an elite division charged with protecting Umbrella’s population and employees from its own creations . For example, Carlos Oliveira from Resident Evil 3 belongs to this elite unit.

Many of these soldiers were actively involved in Umbrella’s dark plans, such as Sergei Vladimir, who helped the pharmaceutical company develop variants of the Tyrant. This elite unit had high-tech equipment, state-of-the-art weapons, and a spin-off of spies scattered throughout the world. Not everyone was aware of Umbrella’s true plans, though.

Raccoon City, testing ground

Although the creatures and zombies produced by the T Virus gave Umbrella more than a headache, they often used places as testing grounds for their experiments. For example, the STARS are “sent” to the Spencer Mansion (since Wesker is an undercover spy) to test the worth of these biological weapons. The same happened with Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 .

Until the final destruction of Raccoon City, Umbrella was able to observe how her creations spread terror in the city, taking good notes of its potential and especially of the surprising Nemesis. Of course, it was like that until the powerful company began its fall into hell … not before leaving an important legacy.

The Fall of Umbrella Corporation

After Raccoon City was completely destroyed at the end of Resident Evil 3, Umbrella Corporation began its decline for various reasons. The first, that his activity was vetoed by the United States Government, although the President had to resign due to criticism of the destruction of Raccoon City. However, there were still vestiges of Umbrella scattered around the world.

As we can see in Resident Evil Revelations , various armed organizations from each country formed elite groups in order to eradicate the last blows of Umbrella, with factories, laboratories and biological weapons scattered throughout the globe. This was the beginning of the end for the evil Resident Evil company.

Umbrella, betrayed by her own employees

Umbrella’s own employees ended up digging the corporation’s grave. For starters, former employees Linda Baldwin and Yoko Suzuki testified against the company in court, coupled with the meager resources Umbrella enjoyed after the destruction of Raccoon City. However, it was Albert Wesker’s ambition that killed the ultimate company.

The one-day spy for Umbrella Corporation revealed confidential documents and other information to authorities, proving the company’s involvement in many unfortunate incidents. This was just one more sign of the ambitious plans of Wesker, who wanted to become the “God of supermen” … until we finished with him, of course.

The Umbrella Corporation motto

All companies have their own slogans and slogans, and Umbrella was not going to be less. While we did not find a catchphrase that was repeated during the Resident Evil games, it is sometimes mentioned that James Marcus, one of its founders, described Umbrella’s commitment as “ Obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power, power is life ” .

Umbrella Corporation

This slogan could be a statement between companies in the sector, so we are left with the phrase mentioned by Albert Wesker, which perfectly describes Umbrella’s superficial intentions: ” Preserve people’s health ”. This tagline appeared on the now-defunct Umbrella Corporation website in real life, so it is quite possible that it is the real one.

The variety of Umbrella products

We cannot deny that we always regard Umbrella Corporation as an obscure company that develops biological weapons, but it also created some very useful drugs. We can read this in some documents, as well as billboards. For example, Safsprin is Umbrella’s version of common aspirin, just like Uspirim. We also do not forget Adravil, with the motto ” Quick and easy relief ”.

Water Cure Resident Evil

It is also interesting to mention Aqua Cure, a product that regenerates wounds quickly, and that has its relationship with two elements of the Resident Evil saga. First, it is part of the healing sprays that we can use to heal ourselves. And surprisingly, it is said that Umbrella used this product in the manufacture of the T Virus, which would explain the regeneration of the creatures and biological weapons.

Did you find these secrets and curiosities of Umbrella Corporation interesting? It is a purely evil company, but we encourage you to experience it on your own flesh, playing the entire saga. Remember that on May 7 Resident Evil Village is released on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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