Although the fun that Minecraft provides is practically endless, not only because of the randomness but also because of the enormous amount of extra seeds that we can try to live new adventures, it is likely that you are looking for something totally different but without leaving this ecosystem.

For that there are mods , some modifications that will allow us to obtain a series of advantages, but also to be able to transform the Minecraft experience into something totally unrepeatable with a multitude of surprises that have become very popular within the gaming community.

There are hundreds of modifications, and divided according to the version of the game, but so that you can find the best ones and thus not waste time, we have already selected them for you, with the corresponding download link.

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Best Minecraft Mods in 2021: Utility Mods, New Biomes, Unique Items, and Amazing Worlds

First of all, you must know how to install and download mods in Minecraft , and you should follow the following steps:

  • Download Force . This Open Source tool allows you to apply mods. You can do it from its website , with any operating system.
  • Look for the mod you want to download, like the ones we suggest here or others that catch your eye. They will be downloaded as a .zip or .rar file, and you can use one of these programs to unzip it .
  • Copy and paste the .jar file of the mod and put it inside the mods folder inside the game directory. If you don’t see the folder, create it. To get to the directory, follow the following routes:
  • In Windows you can use a trick to get there faster: open the Run application from the Start Menu and type “%% appdata% \. Minecraft” without quotes.
  • macOS: ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft
  • Linux: ~ / .minecraft
Installation folder
  • Open the launcher and look for the Forge Profile . If you can’t find the profile, you must create it yourself. The process is as follows: click on the Create Profile button and in the window that opens select the Forge version in the Use version section.
Minecraft Forge
  • By doing so, you will see a new option in the main menu, with which we can access the patch you want to use.

The best utility mods

Optifine ( download )

OptiFine is one of the best Minecraft mods that you should try if you want to improve the performance of the game and its graphics. You can double the frames per second and add HD textures even on lower-end computers, and adjust the graphics with much more detail.

Just Enough Items ( download )

It allows us to search for materials in the game by seeing all its recipes.

HWYLA ( download )

It shows us information about the tools with the name of the block / object to which the cursor is pointing.

Mods for Minecraft version 1.16

Biomes O’Plenty ( download )

This mod introduces 80 new biomes to Minecraft, with new terrain, materials, resources, plants … After installing the mod, you must create a new world, and in “World Type”, choose Biomes O’Plenty.


Create ( download )

It is based on automation and takes the mechanics of Minecraft gameplay to a higher level of customization.

Botania ( download )

Add a large compendium of flowers capable of performing a multitude of actions in the game such as healing yourself, feeding the animals or even confusing enemies.


Engineer Tools ( download )

It makes mining below and above the ground more convenient, where we are given a multi-tool that combines the pick, wooden ax, and even a shovel in a single item.

Travel map ( download )

You could say that it is like a kind of Google Maps, but within the Minecraft universe.

Iron Chests ( download )

The traditional wooden chests are improved to iron chests that will allow us to store many more things.

The lost cities ( download )

A modification that takes you to a completely abandoned city, lost to fate.


Mods for Minecraft version 1.15

Instant Massive Structures ( Download )

It will allow us to create a huge city or even a totally unique ecosystem in just a few seconds.


Candy World ( download )

If you want to live in a totally unique biome, you may be interested in this world of candy, and you will be able to eat many things.

Mods for Minecraft version 1.12

Millénaire ( download )

The good thing about this modification is that it includes a multitude of new objects in areas that are generally empty, so that you do not find yourself again bland scenarios.

Dinosaurs and many fossils ( download )

If you want to go back to Prehistory, but now in Minecraft, you can install this modification that includes a large number of dinosaurs and also fossils that you can find to even be able to create totally forgotten creatures.


JurassiCraft ( download )

It allows you to create your own prehistoric world by extracting DNA from fossils or amber that you can find.

Mystcraft ( download )

It will allow us to evoke a new dimension to the world that we have created, being able to find the binding book along the way that will allow you to travel through the Multiverse.

Natura ( download )

If you are a nature lover, you are going to love this modification that adds a wide variety of new types of trees, woods of different colors and the possibility of growing new crops.

Thaumcraft ( download )

It is an engine that revolves around extracting the magical essence of physical objects in the world of Minecraft.


Twilight Forest ( download )

Add a new, densely wooded dimension within a perpetual twilight that hides various treasures and surprises.

Bibliocraft ( download )

Another mod that adds new elements and furniture, but this time with a function: they allow us to better expose our objects, materials and trophies: shelves, display cabinets, tables, pedestals …

Galacticraft ( download )

One of the most complete and original mods for Minecraft: if you get tired of Earth, why not explore other planets? First you must build the rocket, and then the space base. But be careful, you have to keep an eye out for oxygen and power generators … and even defend yourself from alien mobs.


Mods for Minecraft version 1.8

ComputerCraft ( download )

Add programmable computers and turtles to Minecraft, and on top of that you can write code to control them.

LotsOfMobs ( download )

Add over 40 new animals and enemies, including creatures like bees, ants, and mammoths.


Minecraft mods for version 1.7

Biosphere ( download )

This mod takes you to a world where the sky is invaded by various floating biomes.


Large reactors ( download )

This modification allows us to build custom and highly configurable nuclear reactors.