Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have ambitious plans for the future. They want to release five AAA games by 2028.

Embracer released its report for the third quarter of fiscal 2022, from which we learned of a significant increase in company revenue. That’s apparently the motivation for further action: Embracer Group co-founder and CEO Lars Wingefors has revealed the company’s ambitious plans (via Video Games Chronicle). Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal will release five AAA games by March 31, 2028.

Over the past five years, the studios have released (under Square Enix’s wing) three big-budget productions, most notably Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Embracer, which owns Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal since last year, did not name the titles of these five planned games.

Most likely, among them will be the thirteenth main installment of Tomb Raider, which is developed on Unreal Engine 5. Crystal Dynamics is responsible, and the publisher is Amazon Games. The second of the five games could be the Microsoft title, announced more than two years ago: a restart of Perfect Dark, which Crystal Dynamics helps produce.

The third title that is part of the Embracer plan will probably be the new one Deus Ex. According to information provided in November by well-known Jason Schreier, Eidos Montreal has started work on it, but the project is in its early stages. The other two of the five planned games are unknown.

Embracer Group companies (including Saber Interactive, Gearbox Entertainment, THQ Nordic) are currently working on 31 big-budget projects.. 17 of them are in production, 9 in early production and 5 in the design phase.

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