goalkeeper games, Destiny 2 Friendly Competition Between Hunters, Sorcerers and Titans, encourage Guardians around the world to compete with their favorite class for fame and glory. The free event starts today and will run for three weeks, until Resistance Season ends on May 23.

During Guardian Games, players will earn badges for doing activities throughout the game, including a Class version of PvP mode: Supremacy. That’s right, prepare for even fiercer competition in the Crucible.

By participating in the event, players can earn two Guardian Games weapons:

  • Taraxipo: The game’s first legendary tether gun.
  • The title: This Void SMG returns with a few upgrades, including the crowd-favorite perk, Repulsor Boost.

Players will also be able to complete the Guardian Games Event Card, which is completely free, to earn cosmetic rewards such as the new Exotic emote and new title “Triumphant”, among other rewards. Those who want even more can upgrade the Event Card to 1,000 Silver and instantly unlock additional rewards.


We encourage Guardians around the world to bring their teams together to participate in this year’s Guardian Games Cup, where they can raise money for charity.

There will be two categories: technical and charitable. The Technical category collects the total number of medals entered during the Guardian Games of each officially entered team. The Charity category reflects the total funds raised through the official Bungie Foundation team registration page during the same time period.

The top four teams in each category will be rewarded with amazing rewards:

  • First Team in the Technical Category: Custom Team Artwork by PherianArt.
  • First team in the charity category: custom team illustration by Gammatrap.
  • Finalist in the Technical and Charity categories: the Guardian Games pendant ($200 value).
  • The third in the Technical and Charity categories: the “Apricot Dawn” emblem.
  • Rooms in the Technical and Charity categories: discount codes for the Bungie Store.

The following reward will also be given to everyone who donates:

  • $25 or more: “Quantum Repeater” emblem

In collaboration with the Bungie Foundation, we will donate the funds raised this year to Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee in equal partsit will help us to have a real impact in the world.

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