‘Gran Turismo’ hits the big screen at the hands of Orlando Bloom

‘Gran Turismo’ hits the big screen at the hands of Orlando Bloom

“It’s not a game”. This is the claim with which the first trailer for the Gran Turismo movie was revealed. A sentence with a very original double sense in which Sony Pictures Entertainment iPlay with the leap to the big screen of one of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s most beloved franchises: GT.

Both sections of the company showcased the first few minutes of footage from the film adaptation of the popular video games. The film will be based on an incredible true story born at the controls of the exclusive games saga of PlayStation.

Grand tourism will tell the facts around the pilot’s life Jan Mardenborougha young Gran Turismo player who, thanks to his skill with the game, will become a professional pilot thanks to the project GT Academy created in collaboration with Nissan.

Mardenborough, in a parallel story to that lived in Spain by Lucas Ordóñez, went through a great process of self-improvement in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a racing driver. The film, directed by Neil Blomkamp, ​​has a deluxe cast led by David Harbor and Orlando Bloom.

But they will not be the only stars of the film. Among the confirmed names are also Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator), Geri Halliwell-Horner, Josha Stradowski, Alexis Tuttle and Bianca Bardoeamong others.

“Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, the film tells the story of a young Gran Turismo gamer who, using his video game skills, wins a series of Nissan competitions to become a professional racing driver.” read in the official synopsis released by Sony Pictures.

Gran Turismo hits theaters exclusively on August 11 and we can already enjoy the first trailer dubbed in Spanish for the film. Sony continues its strategy of film adaptation of some of the most important titles in its catalog.

Uncharted or The Last of Us they already have a new travel companion thanks to Grand tourism. And it promises not to be the last innovation with projects like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon who have already taken a step forward.

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