Maneskin is the latest high-profile case, but not the only one: from Julio Iglesias, to Celine Dion, to Abba

I’m sick of hearing that Eurovision leaks races, because it is a completely false sentence. Eurovision has ensured that a host of artists continue to make a living from music after representing their country, and we even have national and international examples of singers and bands who boosted their careers after competing in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Beyond know some of the best songs that have made it through the stages of Eurovision year after yearor to review all the keys of Eurovision 2023 and its datesI quote you in this post so that you know five artists who have triumphed throughout the world after participating each year in this unmissable musical event.

Julio Iglesias – Spain – Eurovision 1970

  • Song: “Gwendolyn”.
  • Nearly 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify right now.
  • Musical myth in Spain and Latin America.

Spain also has an artist who rose to worldwide fame thanks to Eurovision 1970. In 1970, this former player of the Real Madrid subsidiary appeared in a broadcast of RTVE whose objective was to find the representative for Eurovision. The bar was high, because the previous two years we brought victory to our country. and thanks to GwendolynSpain was again at the top of the classification, without doubling victory: an honorable fourth place that allowed Latin America to open its doors wide. And to this day, he is an international star.

Abba – Sweden – Eurovision 1974

  • Song: “Waterloo”.
  • One of the best known bands of the 20th century.
  • Sweden’s most iconic band.

who doesn’t know Abba and songs like “Waterloo”, with which they won Eurovision 1974? As well as being the most iconic and well-known Swedish band in history, their songs are the soundtrack to many movies, including the Mamma Mia trilogy. (the third installment has just been confirmed). Probably, Abba is the application that has garnered the most success after Eurovision at the international level.

Celine Dion – Suiza – Eurovision 1988

  • Song: “Do not go without me”.
  • Internationally successful singer gave voice to the Titanic soundtrack.
  • He is under the effects of a degenerative disease.

Nobody can deny it Celine Dion to be one of the most famous singers in the world, thanks in particular to her mythical song for the soundtrack of Titanic. But his career began 10 years earlier, when he was part of Eurovision 1988 representing Switzerland (although he is a Canadian citizen). He won by a single point in an edition that was very close, but thanks to this victory, sold over 100 million records in the 90s ALONE.

Olivia Newton-John – United Kingdom – Eurovision

  • Song: “Long Live Love”
  • Actress and singer after Eurovision 1974.
  • Olivia Newton-John passed away on August 8, 2022.

the same year as Abba swept away Eurovisionthe United Kingdom achieved a more than respectable fourth position thanks to Olivia Newton John. Despite the fact that the singer has released two albums on the market, it will be only after Eurovision 1974 when his career took off like foam. For example, in 1978 he starred in Fatone of the best musicals in history and the film that ended up giving it that much desired (and deserved) fame.

Maneskin – Italy – Eurovision 2021

  • Song: “Shut up and good”
  • International rock band, with an Italian flavor.
  • Over 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

When you young people think of an internationally successful Eurovision bid, you all do it in manna skin. The Italian rock band showed two things: that Italy must say goodbye to the traditional ballad they sent year after year (hence their unexpected result in 2022 with mahmoud there White). And that oscillate it continues to be heard around the world. Thanks to the ‘Beggin’ theme, a cover of the classic 60s song, the group is now one of the most sought-after bands at festivals.

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