Tifa Lockhart has been a fan-favorite character in the Final Fantasy series for nearly 30 years. While this melee fighter debuted in Final Fantasy VII, she’s featured prominently in numerous crossovers and even the remake. Where people don’t expect to find Tifa Lockhart is in the Italian parliament. However, he was close and personal in a zoom meeting of the Italian Senate, and in an extremely lewd way. Tifa and Italy have since merged into a popular meme, so we’ll detail why it became a thing.

What is the Tifa Italy meme?

In January 2022, the official television channel responsible for hosting Italian Senate hearings broadcast an in-person conference by the political party Movimento 5 Stelle. Several of the attendees attended the meeting via zoom, common with the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the meeting, a random person named Alex Spence made his way into the zoom and started playing hentai videos of Tifa Lockhart. Hentai, for those who don’t know, is a form of Japanese pornographic content.

Zoom’s popularity during the pandemic has made the act of “zoombombing” commonplace, which is the act of shoving your way into a Zoom meeting and effectively disrupting it. This person, Alex, managed to flash Tifa in a sexually perverted way for 30 seconds, and also flashed Genshin Impact’s Xiangling for a while before finally getting kicked out of the meeting.

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Since then, the internet decided to go online and took advantage of the comically awkward moment to fuse Tifa with Italian culture. Several funny memes have popped up, including Tifa on Vespa and Tifa visit famous tourist places in the country.

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Sometimes awkward situations can bring a good mood, and this is one of those cases. The fact that Tifa Lockhart is at the center of sexualized content is nothing new, having been used in this medium for decades. Whether it’s okay is another conversation, but fans are really digging their Italian excitement now that this event has happened. However, we doubt this Italian connection will continue after the remake.


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