These are the elements removed from the development of Halo CE and Halo 2

These are the elements removed from the development of Halo CE and Halo 2

As we discussed a few days ago, 343 and modders from the Halo community have been collaborating to carry out several projects in Halo The Master Chief Collection para PC. Thus, many elements such as weapons, maps, enemies and more have come to light.

In the new 343 blog we can learn about all the elements that were discarded by 343 in the development of Halo Combat Evolve and Halo 2, to recover them, 343 has allied with modders to develop and implement new weapons and maps. This is an action that shows that the big studios can rely on the community and work hand in hand to do great things.

All items removed from Halo in its early days

What is most striking are the cut weapons, although Halo has been characterized by its sandbox, it is interesting to see how almost fully developed weapons were cut from the final game by mere design decision. However, it is understandable that the mini gun or harpoonweapons that do not correspond to the space aesthetics of Halo, are cut because they do not fit in this world.

There are also very interesting map models, strange mixes with variations and verticality that would have given a different touch to Halo. Now, thanks to the modders, we will have all these elements to enjoy in Halo The Master Chief Collection on PC.

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