We know fans of The Wolf Among Us interactive adventure have been on a roller coaster of emotions over the past six years. The Wolf Among Us 2 was officially announced in 2017, but fell into oblivion when Telltale shut down a year later. Another year passed before the project was revived by the “new” Telltale. This led to some broken promises to show the game “soon” until the studio finally announced a 2023 release in February last year. Well, here’s the bad news again.

Telltale reappeared in Twitter to reveal that The Wolf Among Us 2 ya se ha retrasado hasta 2023. Lo único que nos han dicho es que el equipo necesita más tiempo para ofrecer “la secuela que los fans se merecen y hacer lo correcto para el juego mientras protegemos la salud de our team”.

Fair enough, as we don’t want the developers to fight too hard or an unfinished game, but it’s still disappointing to hear that the wait is getting longer.

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