The Hogwarts Legacy tsunami continues in France. The Harry Potter universe game is the expected success. Historical success, historical genre?

Hogwarts Legacy unleashes all the passions, but also the sales rankings. Recent controversies haven’t dampened the game’s sales and success. The game, which sold more than 12 million copies worldwide in its first two weeks of release, is on track to become the biggest global launch ever for Warner Bros. Games. Additionally, the game has already grossed $850 million. Notably, in Japan, the game was a massive seller with 100,000 copies sold and the game’s third-biggest release on the PS5. Especially when you know that the previous series of the Harry Potter universe have only had disappointing success in the land of the rising sun. Also, all specialists and game enthusiasts are wondering if Hogwarts Legacy is not an undisputed candidate for GOTY (Game of the Year) 2023.

Has the competition already overtaken it?

Hogwarts in the first week in Europe crushes Elden Ring (the GOTY 2022) with 56% more sales on the old continent. Which already explains his favorite status for the Game Awards queen award. However, all these performances were not obvious when one realizes the multitude of past controversies.

Hogwarts Legacy exceeds all expectations

The success is there for the series published by Avalanche Software. Also, when we realize that players have spent more than 267 million hours in the game. We can only bow to such numbers. You should know that the HBO Max channel has indicated that it is in full production of a Hogwarts series. YoSo we see the phenomenal success of The Last Of Us on the same platform. It’s a safe bet that for Hogwarts, success will be there too. Of course, at the slightest information, we will keep you informed.

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