The value of CS:GO loot boxes has plummeted these days, as Valve has released a slew of new Anubis skins for its shooter and the release of Counter-Strike 2 is looming.

It seems like a lot of players are in a rush to get these Anubis skins and are selling all of their inventory to do so, that means cases like the Revolver Pack, CS20 Pack, and Danger Zone Pack have lost 20% in value. or more.

There are hundreds of thousands of crates for sale at all times on Steam, but for rarer crates and loot like the Operation Vanguard, Chroma, and Huntsman crates, they can still fetch a pretty hefty price tag.

In addition to people clamoring for their new Anubis skins, there are also a lot of CS:GO players who are a little nervous about the release of Counter-Strike 2. While Valve has promised that elements of the previous game will continue without a hitch. , many do not know how this process will work and make money with their inventory when it is safe to do so.

Thinking of selling your CS:GO crates?

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