Ior that it was an open secret has been confirmed: the horizon sagaconsisting of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West –in addition to their respective downloadable content and the Call of the Mountain virtual reality experience– will have a third installment. And while it was something we expected due to the remarkable success of both episodes, it has now been officially confirmed.

After the launch of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, as well as that “so open” ending that the second game left us with, it was more than obvious that it would happen one day, but to say to do, there is a stretch. Thankfully, that stretch suddenly fell apart after Guerrilla Games, the development studio responsible for the main games and DLC, “informed” its subscribers that Were you already working on the third part of your trilogy?

Horizon studio confirms new sequel and multiplayer spin-off

It is not yet known how many games there will be in the franchise, although I know that it has been explained that in addition to this third part they are working –also– on a multiplayer spin-off of which practically nothing has been said. Therefore, with all this news in hand, We can assume that PlayStation is still very focused on making Horizon a reference within its exclusive franchises..

Returning to the subject that happens to us, that is to say the third game of the Horizon saga, the study he said it “indirectly” after saying goodbye to its former executive producer, Angie Smets, who joined PlayStation Studios as head of marketing. In an epigraph of the message, they say the following:

“We have full confidence in our new leaders, who will lead Guerrilla to a bright future, expand the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and our exciting online project“, confirming both this third installment and this multiplayer game that we have already told you about.

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