There’s something that will always unite Taylor Swift with The simpsons: his date of birth. The American and one of the most famous cartoon series in the world entered the life of millions of people in 1989, although we had to wait until 2006 to witness Taylor Swift’s debut album and its presentation to the world. as a public figure.

Almost 34 years later, Taylor Swift has become one of the most important artists internationally and The simpsons maintain their good health season after seasonkeeping the family informed of all the social changes we have experienced over the years, introducing references and questions that are the key to its success: to be constantly updated.

That’s why sooner or later what happened on the last show of the series on Sunday, April 23 had to happen, when thea fiction paid tribute to one of our favorite blonde’s best songs and her music video, Too good: the short filminside the episode Fan-ily Feudwhich explains how Homer denounces a superstar in the face of the consequences: harassment and anger from a community of more than organized fans.

Taylor Swift isn’t mentioned at any point in the episode (the singer Homer criticizes isn’t even real, Ashlee Starling). Despite this, there is a moment where we see Lisa teaching the new music video the artist released the same day.after a conversation between Marge and the singer herself, where we see a great resemblance between the story told by Taylor Swift in All Too Well (a magical relationship from the start but which ends up going badly because the boy did not know not how worth what he had) with the romantic disappointment that Marge suffered with Homer and which is reflected in the way you were.

Car journeys, dinners with friends, discussions or moving house that we witness become in the perfect tribute to the song Taylor Swift dedicated to her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. A country song where you can hear pearls like “When we met, I didn’t see any of your flaws, but then I saw you eating lip balm and my heart stopped” or “we were having dinner with my sisters when you started arguing because you insisted that the moon was simply the sun at night“.

A real blow continues to show us day after day why The simpsons has become for decades one of the series of our life.

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