El juego de plataformas de exploración se lanzará en Switch en marzo

The exploration platformer will launch on Switch in March

Today TLR Games announced that it is bringing Idea to change. The exploration platformer is set to release on March 8, 2023.

Inspired by the award-winning short film of the same name by Olli Huttunen, IDEA is a physics-based exploration game with platforming elements that invites players to discover a wild and beautiful world while helping their ideas find their place in the world. .

The game takes you on a breathtaking journey, exploring beautiful landscapes from a bird’s eye view in 4K resolution, with no loading times between screens. Light up an idea, represented by a white light bulb, and send it to find its place in the world. Watch your idea of ​​the sky bounce and fall, and help it when it gets stuck before the music ends.

If you find your destination, your idea will become a work of visual art, a short snippet of beauty and wonder. But sometimes you won’t be able to move forward, and your journey will end there, but it won’t be for nothing: it can help the ideas of others in the future, and even yourself. Write a thought, part of a song or a verse, and share it. Now it’s out there forever for all to see. And when you start a new journey, you will see other people’s ideas. Save your favorites and see how many people have saved theirs.

A trailer for Idea can be found below. The video includes new areas of the game and a significant change in the naming of user posts, which are now referred to as Spirits.

Brent Dubin
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